1. Second full day in Japan, we made our way to the “Cafe for Birds” - mostly owls. 

    First of all, I LOVE OWLS. This was one of two things I really wanted to do in Japan. (Of course, I had to wear my owl skirt - which the staff noticed and complimented.) 

    Basically, you wait in line to order cute but not that great desserts and coffee in this cafe that seats about 12 people, and then when you pay your bill, you give them an extra ten bucks per person if you want to go into the “owl room” and commune with them. 

    Both my husband and my Japanese friend were not into actually touching the birds, but my mom and I were super excited to do it. 

    The owls seem to have it pretty good, large clean room to hang out in, a few of them are buds (as you can see in the last photo). The other birds are in standard bird cages behind glass. I don’t think you get to hang with those dudes. 

    You get about five minutes in the room, and because my mom and I were sharing the time, we got about two minutes each to have an owl perch on our glove. I sort of felt like, “Am I making the most of my time?” but, like, I was petting real live owls, so YES. The answer was yes.

    It was definitely a unique experience! I’ll share some other pics from Japan soon, but wanted to get these up first, because it was so cool!

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      Look at your skirt! Look at the owls! Look at cuteness!!
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